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Authors are generally very good at writing and telling their story, but even the best could benefit by having their work critically reviewed and edited to produce a polished book.

Even if an author is a good editor, there may be instances where those pesky little bloopers remain. Having the manuscript edited or proofread by someone else should identify and correct them, although not always guaranteed!

For those who feel they have the editing craft mastered, some might not be sure how to self-publish or be aware of available options. Having been down that road myself, I can appreciate the potholes an author can stumble into, especially with vanity/hybrid traps. I provide editing, manuscript formatting services, and uploading to self-publishing platforms with competitive up-front pricing.


Intended for authors who feel they have a fairly ‘clean’ manuscript, but want an independent review to catch small things that always slip through the net. This involves correcting punctuation, typos, minor word changes, and identifying grammar errors. Commentary is provided to the author. I charge US$1.45 per manuscript page. A page is defined as a 11″ x 8.5″ document, 1″ margins all around, Times New Roman 12 pt font, with 1.5 line spacing.


Old Typewriter

I provide content and copy editing that combines proofreading and necessary sentence rewrites to improve grammar and word usage. This level also includes reviewing the plot/character elements for consistency, with comments and suggestions.

Line/development editing, which involves an in-depth look at the work, and includes all of the above services. This is a collaborative process with the author to improve the manuscript and may involve some rewriting by the author.

Cost is between $3.00 and $6.00 per page.

To determine the cost, an author needs to submit the first five pages of the manuscript for evaluation, which will determine the level of required editing, acknowledging that some manuscripts may be very well written. Once agreed to proceed, the author will make full payment through a PayPal account.

Formatting & Publishing

For authors seeking to self-publish, I offer a manuscript formatting service for:

Print – Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), IngramSpark (IS), Draft2Digital (D2D). The format will look like a traditionally printed book.
Ebook – KDP/IS/D2D, that meets KDP formatting standards.
Ebook – Smashwords  (guaranteed to be accepted in the ‘Premium’ category). Smashwords now taken over by D2D, authors should only consider publishing with D2D.

For KDP/IS print, this includes creation of a PDF content file. Book cover artwork – print and e-book – to be provided by the author. ISBNs provided by the author if purchased.

Print – KDP/IS – $45
Print – D2D – $45 ($0 if KDP/IS is also being done)
Ebook KDP/IS – $45
Ebook – Smashwords – $45
Ebook – D2D – $45 ($0 if KDP/IS is also being done)

Prices are based on formatting a Word docx source document. If images/tables/bullet points need to be manipulated, or there are more than fifteen (15) required chapter hyperlinks and drop caps, the quoted prices will be $50.

If an author does not know how to get their manuscript published on any of these sites, I can arrange for this to be done.

Print – KDP/IS – $15
Ebook – KDP/IS/D2D – $15
Ebook – Smashwords – $15 (guaranteed to be accepted in the ‘Premium’ category)

All prices in US dollars.

Creation of an account on any of these sites, including obtaining an EIN or SSN/ITIN, and preparing the W-9 form (U.S. citizens) or the W-8BEN form (non-U.S. citizens), will be the author’s responsibility.

If an author wants to register a work with the US Copyright Office, I can provide this service for $20.

I am happy to discuss any of these services with you to arrive at a mutually acceptable program.

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“His prompt replies, commitment and expertise has made me happy. I always look to him for the refinement of my manuscripts. My connection with him made me a better writer.”

Ayesha Marfani

“I want to thank you for making the manuscript better all around. The story is clearer and the protagonist stronger. I appreciate your insights and the generous care you took to get it right.”

The Curse of Akbar 
By Troy Bond

“Stefan, thanks for all your close work on this novel. I look forward to working with you in the future. You obviously know what you are doing.”

Hidden Congregation 
By William Delamar

“I am always amazed at your work. Thanks.”

Red Zone 
Alan McTeer

“Stefan Vucak is a great guy to ask about ebook formatting. Can’t recommend him enough!”

Carrie Aulenbacher

“I do thank you for your efforts; it’s a much better book than it was.”

No Third Choice
By Anthony Kohler

“Stefan Vucak has edited two of our novels, The Lost City of the Condor and The Mayan Mask of Death. My co-author Loretta and I found his assistance invaluable.”

The Lost City of the Condor 
By Vickie Britton

“I must give Stefan Vucak credit for his guidance, formatting work and  much advice without a single hesitation. He is amazing, and every new writer can learn much from him. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.”

Margaret Rose Francis

“I am getting very excited and I want to thank you so much for all your hard work!”

Realistically Raw 
By Diane Henry

“I am a pilot and a writer, but the editing you have done has so improved the story. Well done.”

Escaping Cuba 
By Alan McTeer

“I want to give a special thank you to my editor, Stefan Vučak. He not only edited my manuscript, but educated and advised me through this process of publishing.”

The Hollow
Bettie MacIntyre

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