Stefan Vucak

Stefan Vučak

Legitimate Power
Legitimate Power

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Legitimate Power

An award winning thriller!

A strange crystal …
The U.S. has it and China wants it, but it belongs to somebody else. Why is everybody scrambling to get their hands on it?

Stefan Vučak

Author of contemporary political drama and science fiction that challenges what is possible

Following a successful career in Information Technology, Stefan Vučak is now a full-time author, editor and book reviewer.

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Stefan Vučak – Feb 2018
Stefan Vučak – Feb 2018
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Review by Charles Remington *****

I will certainly be reading more from this author, and if you are a fan of the science fiction genre, I would recommend Fulfillment, a first-class collection of tales for the most discerning of aficionados.... read more

Review by Tom Johnson *****

It kept me turning the pages, and that’s what matters in the end. Highly recommended for readers who enjoy intrigue and thrills on an international level.... read more

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