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Stefan Vučak

28th Amendment
28th Amendment

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28th Amendment

War in the South China Sea. President introduces the ‘28th Amendment’ to set term limits for Congress. Reforms threaten the secret Omicron Group's profits, and order the President assassinated. Will they succeed?


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The feeders walk among us ... and kill.
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Coming late in 2022


Stefan Vučak

Author of contemporary political drama and science fiction that challenges what is possible

Following a successful career in Information Technology, Stefan Vučak is now a full-time author, editor, and book reviewer.

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Stefan Vučak – Feb 2018
Stefan Vučak – Feb 2018
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Review by Simon Brenncke ****

The “Shadow Gods” series is an unmissable read for fans of hard sci-fi. It is also an unmissable read for sci-fi fans enjoying world-building with its wide-spinning cultural and political developments. To be clear: this book makes no exception to the series.... read more

Review by Angie Mangio *****

This novel brings readers into the underbelly of corporate and political greed, international economic and military conflicts, and assassins, keeping them intrigued along the way to the satisfying conclusion.... read more

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