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Stefan Vučak

Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves

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Autumn Leaves

An explosive novel that delves deeply into love, sorrow, and fulfillment.

Dural had everything: wife, daughter, successful practice – until fates conspired to take it all. Could he find happiness again?

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Stefan Vučak

Author of contemporary political drama and science fiction that challenges what is possible

Following a successful career in Information Technology, Stefan Vučak is now a full-time author, editor and book reviewer.

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Stefan Vučak – Feb 2018
Stefan Vučak – Feb 2018
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Review by Linda Diane Wattley *****

Stefan Vucak has offered to the world another masterfully well written book that honors your attention while you are superbly entertained.... read more

Review by The Avid Reader *****

Guardians of Shadow is the last of the Shadow Gods Saga and I am sad to see the last of Terr, Teena and Dhar. Guardians of Shadow is a very intense and engrossing read with action from the first page to the last.... read more

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