Stefan Vucak

Stefan Vučak

All my Sunsets
All my Sunsets

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All my Sunsets

A science fiction novel that explores personal tragedy, love, and a possible future.

Andrew Payne was dying and knew it. Dying at twenty-five was somewhat tough, though. The only thing that could save him is an experimental drug, but fates had other things in store for him.

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Cry of Eagles, Strike for Honor, Autumn Leaves

Stefan Vučak

Author of contemporary political drama and science fiction that challenges what is possible

Following a successful career in Information Technology, Stefan Vučak is now a full-time author, editor and book reviewer.

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Stefan Vučak – Feb 2018
Stefan Vučak – Feb 2018
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Review by Readers’ Favorite *****

Autumn Leaves is a recommended read for fans of drama that promises a truly emotional ride.... read more

Review by Heather Wilde ****

Vučak’s writing is as eidetic as that of his protagonist. Like Sinclair, the author knows how to provide the right detail at the right time, or enough to fill scenes out with a third dimension. The reader spends their time with Dr. Sinclair and no one else.... read more

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