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A Whisper from Shadow, Stefan Vucak, Author

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Spacefarers land in ancient Mexico and assist the natives in their development. The natives believed the aliens were gods. What would happen if the gods left? In present time, a group of archeologists were exploring an ancient Mayan Temple. Dr. Lauren Hopking wanted to prove a theory that when the Mayans moved into Comalcalco, they found old temple mounds already there and built on top of them. That meant there was a forerunner civilization, but who were they? The discovery of a stone wall was a major find, but nothing compared to a spaceship in the chamber behind it.

Stefan Vucak’s book weaves a well developed plot. The characters are well defined and work together. This is an exciting read and the suspense builds to a crescendo. It is easy to recommend A Whisper From Shadow.

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