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Against the Gods of Shadow, Stefan Vucak, Author

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Pizgor is under attack. Raiders are jeopardizing its commercial operations. However, these raiders want more than cargo. Their purpose is part of a carefully planned political move orchestrated by Sargon and the Paleans. Pizgor is a small system, flanked by power-hungry neighbors who want to be the dominant force within the Serrll Combine. Eliminating Pizgor, destroying them commercially, eliminates their only obstacle.

Pizgor requests help from the Serrll government, but some were not convinced of the threat against them. There is a hazy trail linking raider attacks to a possible political maneuver. Second Scout Terrllss-rr is assigned the task to find the raider base. Along the way, he uncovers new questions and meets up with an old enemy.

Stefan Vucak is an exceptional writer. This book is classic hard science fiction, and will not disappoint any fan of this genre. The characterization is minimal, in keeping with the genre’s style, but readers will be able to get a real sense of Second Scout Terr. While he is efficient and arrogant, the barrier falls briefly between commander and crew, and the reader will understand the power of his personality.

The story line is also classic science fiction; where an individual needs to make decisions regarding life and death, not only for himself, but for all of society. Some decisions are shocking, but all are made in the spirit of survival. Readers will find themselves wondering what they would do if placed in a similar circumstance.

For the most part, this book is able to stand alone. However, an earlier book, In the Shadow of Death, introduces Terr and his nemesis. The first book also lays the important groundwork concerning the special relationship between Terr and Dhar, and their Wanderer existence. Further adventures continue for both of them in the rest of the series called The Shadow Gods Saga.

Against the Gods of Shadow takes readers on a lightning fast adventure light years away.



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