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All the Evils, Stefan Vucak, Author

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Working as a researcher in the Vatican’s Secret Archives, Father Garbaldi finds an ancient papyrus hidden in a codex from Alexandria. He has no idea of the imminent events that will turn his world upside down, making him a fugitive from his own church. What he does know is that the information contained in the papyrus holds terrible repercussions for the Roman Catholic Church worldwide and for Western civilization as a whole. He decides, as a scientist, to have the papyrus independently validated. Members within the Vatican also have their hidden agendas, and those include protecting the position of the Church at all costs, even if it means eliminating potential threats. The Vatican Secret Service, The Entity, a secret body dating from the sixteenth century, briefs an assassin to remove obstacles and retrieve the document before it is published. Knowing only the name Tom Meecham, an FBI agent he read about in the newspaper, Father Garbaldi involves the FBI in this minefield of drama and high tension.

All the Evils is a must-read novel involving an international trail of investigation, historical cover-ups, some damning evidence about the Catholic Church, and a whole lot of action guaranteed to make readers rethink Dan Brown for gripping drama. The wealth of background research and information certainly adds to a story that spans two thousand years and draws the reader back into centuries-old theological battles without overwhelming the plot. An interesting, compelling novel, I recommend it highly.

Fiona Ingram for Readers’ Favorite

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