Daniel Andrews

Dictator Daniel Andrews

On 28 October, the Victorian state Labor Premier, Daniel Andrews, passed sweeping legislation through the Lower House that effectively gives him and the Health Minister powers to rule by decree indefinitely, disguised as measures to protect Victorians against future Covid outbreaks. Andrews must buy off three Upper House independents to have the bill enacted into law, which he will probably manage. These new legislative powers were defined as ‘any order’.

An open letter from a group of prominent barristers criticized this unprecedented move as a violation of basic democratic principles without proper Parliamentary oversight or the usual checks and balances on executive power. The legislation will make it practically impossible to challenge the merits of any order in court. With such a grave threat to our democracy, it is disconcerting that the Liberal opposition leader, Matthew Guy, has not spoken or been seen on TV in protest against this power grab. He and his shadow cabinet have been totally cowered into silence by the government.

Dan Andrews and the Victorian Labor have revealed themselves for what they really are—a regime seeking to turn the state into a genuine dictatorship. With full vaccination of Victorians at almost 80%, there is no need for the government to give itself sweeping draconian powers against a possible future Covid wave.

Andrews has shifted the goalpost to bring Victoria out of draconian lockdown and easing of restrictions since this January. First, most restrictions would be lifted when all Victorians were 70% fully vaccinated. Then it was 80% to lift all restrictions, which did not happen, although some restrictions were lifted yesterday. Now, he wants 90% of all Victorians to be fully vaccinated before all restrictions are removed. Given the history of his lies, every Victorian should be concerned that our freedoms have been swept away so easily.

I am sure Daniel Andrews’ Beijing masters must be very proud of him. I can only hope that people remember what he has done to Victoria since March 2020, and kick him and his corrupt government out of office come the next elections.

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