Boeing 787 Dreamliner and 737 MAX … a nightmare

For years, whistleblowers have warned Boeing and the FAA about assembly problems at the Boeing Charleston factory in South Carolina, which Boeing has brushed aside as inconsequential, and the FAA paid lip service to the warnings, allowing Boeing to virtually self-certify. Many former Boeing executives sit on the FAA, and Boeing is said to have influential Congressmen in their pocket to stifle any investigation.

A former Boeing quality assurance manager warns that people should never fly the 787 Dreamliner due to its poor construction. Workers at the Seattle factory where the aircraft used to be built have been warning Boeing about shoddy production practices. To stifle these protests, Boeing built a factory in Charleston to build these aircraft using unskilled non-union labor.

There are also grave concerns that the beleaguered 737 MAX might never fly again, despite assurances by Boeing that the sensor and MCAS issues have been addressed. Perhaps, but the aircraft has still not been certified to fly. These problems have risen due to the gradual shift in Boeing corporate mindset from customer safety and reliability to short-term profits. An attitude that has perhaps irretrievably damaged the reputation of what was once a proud company. Can Boeing survive as a commercial aircraft manufacturer? Many experts doubt it, which would leave Airbus as the dominant player in the market. This is also a grave indictment against the FAA, the US federal regulator responsible for certifying all aircraft, and failure of Congressional oversight mechanisms. Countries around the world no longer trust FAA’s integrity, initiating their own certification programs.

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