28th Amendment

War in the South China Sea

The President faces assassination

A clash between US and Chinese destroyers near the Spratly Islands prompts President Samuel Walters to launch an attack against Fiery Cross Reef, occupied by China as part of its nine-dash line claim over the South China Sea. China launches a counterstrike, which threatens to escalate into an all-out confrontation.

To curb influence of Big Money and Super PACs in the national political process, the President urges the Supreme Court to reverse its 2010 decision on the ‘Citizens United v FEC’ case. He also wants the Justice Department to rigidly enforce the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to stop American corporations bribing and paying potential customers kickbacks to secure overseas contracts. He then introduces the 28th Constitutional Amendment to align House and Senate elections with the presidential four-year cycle, and sets Congressional term limits.

These measures seriously threatens aerospace corporate influence over Congress, and the secretive Omicron Group orders the President assassinated. The attempt fails and an FBI investigation is launched to find the would-be assassin and anyone else who might be behind the plot.

An explosive political drama that might be happening right now.

Cover art by Laura Shinn: http://laurashinn.yolasite.com

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Latest Reviews

Review by Kelvin White *****

The 28th Amendment is topical and relevant with a militant communist China posing a threat. As an Australian It made me smile when there is a reference to the Chinese government banning Australian coal. How relevant is that!

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Review by Angie Mangio *****

This novel brings readers into the underbelly of corporate and political greed, international economic and military conflicts, and assassins, keeping them intrigued along the way to the satisfying conclusion.

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Review by Linda D. Wattley *****

28th Amendment will blow your mind and then pet you on the head because it also reminds you this has always been humanity, and value your life while you can. Games of war will always be.

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Review by Leonard W. Smuts *****

This is an outstanding book from an acclaimed author, who demonstrates a high level of insight into the darker side of politics, corruption, the military, and the Chinese quest for world domination.

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Review by David Kempf *****

If this were happening in real life then this president would be facing the danger of being assassinated. Especially if he were going to add term limits, the ultimate fear of corrupt lifelong politicians like the ones that hold office today.

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