All my Sunsets

Stefan Vučak’s latest science fiction drama!

Andrew Payne was dying and knew it.

Dying at twenty-five was somewhat tough, though.

He had a great career as a virtual reality games designer, a woman he loved, and a promising future. Now, it was all gone. Too much sun, surf…and girls. That’s how he got a particularly nasty type of melanoma. His doctor told him he had five years to live, then twelve months, then four weeks.

His only hope was an experimental drug, and Andrew took a chance. He had nothing to lose. He recovered, but the drug had reset his internal body clock, and he was living in year one. With the prospect of a hundred years before of him, the possibilities seemed endless.

He created 3D rendering macros and build two realistic-looking games that set the industry reeling. His big project was a VR flight simulator trainer for a B737 that removed the need for complex and expensive mechanical trainers. This was followed by a VR dentistry training tool, but destiny was not done with him yet. The drug that cured him did more than reset his biological clock, and the revelation left him staggered.

A science fiction novel that explores personal tragedy, love, and a future for Andrew to write.

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Latest Reviews

Review by Ellie Mitchell ****

‘All My Sunsets’ was a leisurely and enjoyable read. It discussed themes such as mortality, progress, and love in a way that had me thinking deeply. Recommended to lovers of science fiction stories that make you feel good about progress. more

Review by Readers’ Favorite *****

What would you do if you knew you had only a few weeks to live? What would you do if you suddenly discovered that there is a reset button you can use to start afresh? The novel is cleverly plotted, beautifully written, and entertaining. more

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