All the Evils

Stefan Vučak’s foray into the murky workings of the Vatican secret service!

Father Paulini Garbaldi, a researcher in the Vatican Secret Archives, finds a first century papyrus that claims Jesus was John the Baptist’s disciple and the second Messiah. Before deciding what to do, he brings the papyrus to his friend in Boston for authentication. Afraid that Garbaldi will publish, the Vatican’s secret service, The Entity, send an assassin to Boston to recover the tractate, but fails.

Garbaldi meets Tom Meecham, an FBI agent, explaining the importance of the tractate and his intention to publish, after realizing that his Church was prepared to murder to keep it secret. Retrieving the papyrus, the assassin kills Garbaldi, but misses Meecham, and he is still to recover the papyrus. Meanwhile, Meecham has a fake papyrus made and leaves it in his hotel room as bait for the assassin.

Garbaldi told Meecham that he intended to hand the papyrus to Harvard and have them publish it. Meecham arranges to meet a Harvard professor, but is betrayed by his boss. The assassin kills the professor and recovers the fake papyrus. Thinking that his mission is now done, he attempts to return to Rome.

The FBI lab obtains surveillance photos of the assassin and apprehend him. He contacts The Entity, who arranges diplomatic immunity for him. Photos notwithstanding, without concrete evidence against him, the FBI are forced to let him go.

Meecham obtains NSA transcripts of phone conversations between the assassin and The Entity, which gives him the needed evidence to go after both. He goes to Rome to apprehend the assassin and faces off with The Entity. Harvard publishes the papyrus text, which causes predictable upheaval among the faithful across the world.

Stefan Vučak’s All the Evils is a shocking thriller about the Vatican’s secret service that will make you question your beliefs.

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Eric-Hoffer Finalist

The 2013 prestigious Eric Hoffer contest finalist

All the Evils

2013 Readers’ Favorite silver medal

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