Autumn Leaves

Stefan Vučak’s astounding drama!

Dural had it all: a loving wife, adorable daughter, and a successful practice as a psychologist – until fates conspired to take his daughter from him in a tragic car accident. Filled with blame and hate, his wife divorces him, and he had nothing, except his practice. An indirect lightning strike leaves him changed in several profound ways. This helped him handle his patients, but did not fill a gaping hole left in his heart.

He meets Aviana on a flight and they begin to date. A profiled criminal surfaces from his past and she is shot, followed by one of his partners. Who would be next? As his love for Aviana grows, he begins to feel that at last, she might be the one to fill his lonely days and empty nights. Did she love him, or was this for her just a transitory affair? He needed to find out.

Diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer, Dural’s hopes and dreams for a life with a woman he loves are shattered.

An explosive novel that delves deeply into love, sorrow, and fulfillment.

Cover art by Laura Shinn:

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Latest Reviews

Review by Readers’ Favorite *****

Autumn Leaves is a recommended read for fans of drama that promises a truly emotional ride. more

Review by Heather Wilde ****

Vučak’s writing is as eidetic as that of his protagonist. Like Sinclair, the author knows how to provide the right detail at the right time, or enough to fill scenes out with a third dimension. The reader spends their time with Dr. Sinclair and no one else. more

Review by Linda Diane Wattley *****

Stefan Vucak has offered to the world another masterfully well written book that honors your attention while you are superbly entertained. more

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