Cry of Eagles

“Where no counsel is, the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” Proverbs XI/14 … Mossad motto

What if there is no safety? What if the person meant to provide counsel acts alone, bringing the United States to the edge of war with Iran, supposedly to protect Israel’s security?

That is exactly what Namir Bethan, Director of Metsada does. The United Nations and America are sitting on their hands while Iran expands its nuclear program. The Kadima Party coalition government is pursuing appeasement, unwilling to do the correct thing—bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities like they did with Osirak. Matan Irian, a former Army Colonel, presents a devastatingly simple plan: sabotage a refinery complex in Texas City, plant evidence that incriminates Iran, and sit back while an enraged United States strikes back in retaliation.

The plan is meticulously executed, and the President positions two carrier battle groups off Iran’s coast in readiness to hit back. Matan Irian’s team make one small mistake, sufficient for FBI special agent Thomas Meecham to go after them.

Congress is urging the President to retaliate against Iran. Will Meecham uncover the plot before the Middle East erupts into war?

Cry of Eagles will take you deep into Mossad operations where you may not necessarily want to go!

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2011 Silver medal award
winner from Readers’ Favorite

Latest Reviews

Review by Veritas Vincit ****

There was suspense, intrigue, tragedies, reflection, insight, and just causes being fought for, and at the end of the day, those make for a pretty darn good book. more

Review by Catherine Grainger *****

This book is terrific, definitely a must read for fans of political intrigue and of realistic societal fiction. more

Review by Grady Harp *****

Stefan’s polished prose intensifies his very conceivable story and convincing the reader that the novel in their hands is possibly predictive assures that he has another success to add to his growing stature. more

Review by Readers’ Favorite *****

Stefan Vucak also has an excellent eye for visual detail to paint the picture of different environments for the reader. Cry of Eagles is a must for lovers of political thrillers. more

Review by My Cozie Corner *****

With a mixture of current events and the different rivalries between countries or tribes, the author pens ‘Cry of Eagles’ into a real page turning eye opener. more

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