Stefan Vučak’s military/political thriller!

Ogdan Kostan was prepared to murder to get his 6th generation fighter accepted.

A retired Air Force test pilot, Kostan knew the future of air superiority fighters lay in unmanned remotely controlled vehicles. To prove his theory, he started a company to build luxury jets for the wealthy, a testbed for the F/X-26.

When faced with betrayal by one of his directors and assistant – a case of love spurned – he orders his chief of security to kill them to keep the F/X-26 secret. Completed, Kostan demonstrates the radical fighter to the military, a first vital step to have it accepted by the Pentagon in its submission to Congress. The aerospace lobby launches a campaign to destroy the F/X-26, as it threatens their own programs for the next generation fighter.

Determined to do whatever it takes to push his concept, Kostan blackmails corrupt politicians to counter the aerospace lobby. When the FBI gets involved, life for Kostan suddenly becomes a little more difficult. Will he see his fighter fly?

A novel that explores a person’s drive to succeed at all costs, battling the aerospace lobby and Congressional vested interests.

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Latest Reviews

Review by Kelvin White *****

One gets the impression the author has not only inside knowledge of the murky world of the arms trade and an intimate knowledge of military aircraft and weapons, but also how the finance and business side operates.

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Review by Angie Mangino ****

For readers interested in the process to produce an advanced fighter prototype, will find the details fascinating. For those interested in sabotage and competition, and how the government works to obtain new fighter planes, they will have an inside look.

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Review by Linda D. Wattley *****

The intricate pathways through worldly systems to bring the best to a world of political narcissisms is a challenge on which goal-seekers thrive. Some succeed, die, or turn into monsters. In the end, you learn life is not worth living without pure desire.

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Review by Jeyran Main ****

The literature was written very well, and I found enjoyment in reading the book. The pace was steady but did not sway from the premise of the story. It felt like the author was in his element and knew what he was writing about.

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Review by David Kempf *****

Readers who enjoy reading Clancy and thrillers with POVs will realize some obsessions pay off in the end.

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