Science fiction stories from Stefan Vučak that explore the unusual

Fulfillment: Once a year, females seek out males, with disastrous consequences for the males.

Even the Gods Cry: The gods were real to primitive Earth inhabitants, giving law and exacting punishment, even as they fought among themselves.

Hunger: To survive, some men and women take energy from their victims. Unfortunately, one woman took too much.

Ice Maidens: He did not believe in witches or devils, until he encountered one, leaving his soul in peril.

Twilight: Dying wasn’t all that’s cracked up to be, and being a ghost wasn’t really that bad, until Turner made a horrible mistake.

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Latest Reviews

Review by Charles Remington *****

I will certainly be reading more from this author, and if you are a fan of the science fiction genre, I would recommend Fulfillment, a first-class collection of tales for the most discerning of aficionados.

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