Stefan Vučak’s sensational new social political drama novel!

When everybody is against them, it is tough being a lifeliner, as Nash Bannon found out.

Lifeliners are ordinary people…almost. They can draw energy from another person, they live longer and are smarter. Scientists claim that Western high-pressure living and growing sterility in developed countries has triggered the rise of lifeliners, and homo sapiens will replaced by homo renata within ten generations. So, what’s not to like about lifeliners?

Protest marches by extremist groups, riots, attacks against lifeliners, repressive laws enacted by governments everywhere, were portents of a dark future. Young, successful, Nash Bannon did not like what was going on, but he thought he had the world at his feet and life in Australia was good, provided no one found out he was a lifeliner. A chance encounter with Cariana Foster during a lunchbreak changes his life, and develops into something he considered important. He had been a bachelor long enough. His comfortable life is shattered when he befriends a young lifeliner girl, only to be betrayed to the authorities by Cariana, a woman he came to love and wanted to live with always.

The Australian government calls a snap election, and Nash stands as a Senate candidate on the Lifeliner Party ticket. Unless lifeliners rise up and fight for their rights, they can expect sterilization, incarceration, and possible extermination as democracies everywhere turn into autocracies. To survive, the Lifeliner Party must employ the same dirty tricks the government used against them, but they were no prepared for what awaited them.

Lifeliners is a political drama that provides a revealing look at human nature and the brittle veneer of civilization used to cloak man’s savagery. It doesn’t get better than this!

A Literary Titan gold award winner!

Literary Titan Gold Book Award
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Latest Reviews

Review by Jessica Belmont 4.5*

Lifeliners was a fascinating Sci-Fi read that had me hooked from beginning to end. Stefan Vucak has penned a really… more

Review by The Avid Reader ****

Lifeliners is a novel for all fans of science fiction and brand new futuristic worlds. I recommend the book to everyone. more

Review by Literary Titan *****

Wow, the details in this book are simply superb! Literally from page one of the story you are drawn in by the excellent attention to detail. I would recommend this book; it was a page turner from start to finish. There are not many books that I can see myself reading multiple times, but Lifeliners is definitely one of them. more

Review by Readers’ Favorite *****

Lifeliners is an apt and excellent work, which I would highly recommend to readers of all types. more

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