Night Sirens

An astonishing new drama that shakes the foundation of humanity!

The feeders walk among us. They sap our energy and cause sudden old age death. Governments tell people it’s a virus. If told the truth, it would shatter the fabric of humanity.

It started innocently enough. Frank Hram sipped a bourbon at Blink’s Bar, winding down for the day. Dan sat beside him and they exchanged small-talk. A striking woman, black hair falling to her waist, walked in and Dan had to have her. Frank recognized her as a feeder, but didn’t worry too much about it. He watched them leave, figuring Dan was in for one hell of a night.

As a Covenant Keeper, Frank had a side job far removed from his full-time one as a financial consultant. He killed rogue feeders who took too much from their victims, causing them to suddenly die of old age. On Friday night at Blink’s, having a drink before going out for dinner, Dan came up and Frank did not recognize him. The man looked seventy, and Frank knew he had to kill the woman. On Monday, a TV news clip announced Dan’s death. Frank arranged a seemingly innocent date with her, then drained her energy. She had three days before she died.

Detective Nadala Robinson, transferred to Taskforce Crimson, got the job of finding out who killed a small-time pimp, Lenny the Finger, one of Taskforce’s informers and a possible rogue feeder. Her boss suspected the Covenant got to him, but it could also have been a gangland murder. He then told her to look into Daniel Poole’s case. His gut said there was a connection. Orders were orders, and Nadala started digging into both cases. She had her common denominator—Frank Hram. Early into the investigation, she found she had a conflict of interest … a possible infatuation with Frank. Life suddenly becomes a whole lot more difficult for everybody.

2023 Book & Shelf Awards Honorable Mention

Cover art by Laura Shinn:

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Latest Reviews

Review by Chiara Vitale Zelaia ****

The story is told through multiple perspectives of key players from all the various factions, which not only adds depth to the storytelling, but also helps to build brimming tension as it becomes harder and harder to keep the existence of feeders a secret. more

Review by Jeyran Main

‘Night Sirens’ is a contemporary story filled with romance and psychological elements. It all begins with Frank Hram, an assassin and a Covenant keeper, who kills rogue feeders. They kill people by sucking life energy from them, which makes the suddenly old. more

Reviewed by Doreen Chombu *****

Frank Hram seems like an ordinary financial consultant, but he is a Covenant Keeper; an assassin hired by a secret… more

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