Against the Gods of Shadow

Book 2 of Shadow Gods Saga from Stefan Vučak

In an effort to expand their political influence within the Serrll Combine, the Sargon Directorate and the Palean Union are working to merge.

To gain an extra seat in the ruling Executive Council, they need to boost the total number of star systems they now occupy. To achieve this, Sargon and the Paleans are coercing independent systems to join them. Pizgor’s five systems are the prize, but it is resisting all overtures to force it to join Sargon. In retaliation, the Palean Union establishes a clandestine base near Pizgor space and engages marauding raiders to prey on its commerce. Pizgor petitions the Serrll General Assembly to destroy the raiders, accusing Sargon and the Paleans of piracy and political intimidation.

Second Scout Terrllss-rr is tasked to locate the raider base in an attempt to link its activities to the Palean Union, unmasking the merger plot. Despite support from the Serrll Scout Fleet, Terr is dubious that his effort will succeed, but he has his orders.

While escorting a supply ship, Terr feigns drive problems and falls back, leaving the supply ship unprotected—a lure for any prowling raider. A renegade Palean First Scout commanding a Fleet warship and an armed merchant auxiliary, is lying in wait. He detects Terr’s supply ship and attacks, forcing Terr flee toward a nearby gas giant. The renegade cannot allow the knowledge that the raiders are using a Fleet vessel to become known and pursues, but Terr manages to elude him and reports his findings to Pizgor.

He is directed to search two likely outposts that may hold a raider support base. He encounters a raider about to attack a commercial ship and captures it. Interrogating its commander, Terr obtains the location of the raider base and the Scout Fleet moves in. The political fallout against Sargon and the Paleans has serious economic repercussions for both and derails the merger.

But Terr’s mission is not over and an elaborate trap brings a confrontation with the renegade Fleet officer.

Against the Gods of Shadow, a military and political struggle, with corruption within the Serrll Scout Fleet.

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Latest Reviews

Review by The Avid Reader *****

I would very much like to see Against the Gods of Shadow on the big screen. more

Review by Simon Brenncke *****

Against the Gods of Shadow is both complex and thrilling sci-fi, clothed in a nuanced language sustaining evocative descriptions, a book I can’t imagine any fan of the genre will regret having read; and that I can imagine lots of people, like me, being thoroughly enthralled by. more

Review by Readers’ Favorite ****

This is an action packed book with exciting battle scenes that will keep the reader on the edge of his seat. more

Review by In the Library Reviews

Stefan Vucak is an exceptional writer. This book is classic, hard science fiction, and will not be disappointing to any fan of this genre. more

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