Guardians of Shadow

Book 8 of Shadow Gods Saga

Having destroyed a Celi-Kran invader on Devon 3-VL4’s moon, using the hand of Death, Master Scout Terrllss-rr is faced with a terrible truth about his power.

With Teena, accompanied by his Wanderer brother Dharaklin, they head for the Orieli Technic Union to begin a cultural exchange mission. At the edge of the Moanar Nebula, Teena is taken in a devastating Kran attack that obliterates three outposts guarding a gateway to Orieli space. Terr’s ship is saved from destruction by intervention of the Fernai, Kran’s ancient enemy. The aliens have the power to destroy the Krans, but they don’t want to become embroiled in a galactic war.

Determined to rescue Teena, Terr must confront an implacable enemy bent on wiping out every inhabited system. The Orieli send a warship deep into Kran space where Terr confronts Zero Six, a master nexus that’s planning the invasion of the Serrll Combine. He is reunited with Teena and the Orieli ship is allowed to leave—after Zero Six infects Terr with deadly nanolites, hoping to spread contagion among the Orieli.

Terr survives, and the Krans strike Anar’on, the fabled world of the Wanderers, the only thing the Krans truly fear. In retaliation, the Wanderers agree to help the Orieli wipe out this alien blight whose objective is to spread throughout the galaxy and beyond, making everything Celi-Kran. Will they succeed?

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Latest Reviews

Review by The Avid Reader *****

Guardians of Shadow is the last of the Shadow Gods Saga and I am sad to see the last of Terr, Teena and Dhar. Guardians of Shadow is a very intense and engrossing read with action from the first page to the last. more

Review by J. Armstrong *****

I would recommend purchasing the previous books in this series since the writing is superb, but with having the foreknowledge of what led up to the events in this story, it would be more enjoyable. more

Review by Grady Harp *****

Stefan’s polished prose intensifies this very strange story and encourages the reader to invest in the previous seven volumes. Book 8 assures that he has another success to add to his growing stature. more

Review by Renee Spicuzza *****

Stefan Vucak has written an intriguing science fiction novel involving three heroes who have set out on a mission while… more

Review by Readers’ Favorite *****

For a sci-fi fan like me, one who has read many sci-fi books, this was probably the one that appealed to me most. more

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