Immortal in Shadow

Book 5 of Shadow Gods Saga

After the fall of Lemos, the devastating scheme by Sargon and the Paleans to wrest Pizgor’s five systems that would enable them to merge collapses.

Tanard, the renegade Fleet officer who conducted raids against Pizgor shipping, is captured by First Scout Terrllss-rr and endures two years of captivity. On his way to a prison planet, a Palean splinter faction executes a plan that allows him to escape, enabling him to rejoin the struggle for the merger.

Having failed with Pizgor, Sargon turns its attention on Kaleen’s systems. Uneasy with Sargon’s rush to consummate the merger, a Palean splinter faction recruits Tanard to disrupt the merger. Supported by the Serrll Scout Fleet, Terr and his Wanderer brother Dharaklin must locate the faction’s base and stop the raids before the Wanderers rise up and unleash Death in retaliation at attacks on their worlds—something that could destroy the Serrll Combine itself.

During a routine debrief, Terr meets Teena and his life is suddenly thrown into emotional turmoil. He thought himself complete, but she filled a part of him that had been empty and he now faces a delicious terror at the prospect of love. However, he walks through the worst that life has to offer and Teena is not strong enough to follow. To gain her love, he is forced to show her who he is and what it means to stand in Death’s shadow.

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Latest Reviews

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This book will pull you in from the beginning and will hang on long after the last page is turned. more

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When you open one of the books from Stefan Vucak’s ‘Shadow Gods’ series books, you know you are going on an exciting journey through an alternate star system. more

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