With Shadow and Thunder

Book 6 of Shadow Gods Saga

Terrllss-rr, a First Scout in the Serrll Combine Scout Fleet, completes an undercover mission, but leaves him questioning his role as an assassin.

He returns to Taltair to tell Anabb Karr, his boss, that he is through with killing, only to be told that he and his Wanderer brother Dharaklin are going to Salina to meet an Orieli Technic Union delegation. Terr did not want to go to Salina, he wanted to go home to Teena.

On Salina, Anabb is told by the Orieli that they plan to set up a base on Earth’s Moon. The Serrll government does not relish the idea of aliens setting up housekeeping on the Moon. However, this is seen by Sargon and the Palean Union as an opportunity to further their cause to affect a merger, which would upset the fragile Serrll Combine stability.

Instead of enjoying a period of leave with Teena, Terr and Dhar are told they are part of a contingent accompanying the Orieli to the Moon. Teena is understandably enraged. After several prolonged missions, being away from each other, this development is seriously straining their relationship.

The Orieli send a small ship to Earth where a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly is convened. The realization that many cultures inhabit the stars sends cultural, political and religious shockwaves through Earth’s populace.

Dharaklin is part of an organization working toward gaining political independence for his home world Anar’on and a group of nonaligned systems, the movement facing strong opposition from Sargon and the Paleans. To maintain his cover, he sabotages Terr’s ship during a training flight, causing it to crash in the Sierras. Waking up at Houston’s LBJ Space Center, recovering from injuries, Terr’s thoughts turn to revenge at this betrayal. He escapes into the New Mexico desert in an attempt to reach his crashed ship—with U.S. security forces in pursuit.

After being rescued, Terr is told that Teena was kidnapped by Dhar. Enraged, he resigns from the Diplomatic Branch, stopping short of killing Anabb.

He now must track down Dhar to exact his revenge—and find Teena.

With Shadow and Thunder – Terr faces betrayal at the hand of his brother Dharaklin, and is hunted by U.S. forces when he crashes in the Sierras.

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