Through the Valley of Shadow

Book 7 of Shadow Gods Saga

The Serrll Combine faces a dire threat from the Celi-Kran, and is uncertain whether the Orieli Technic Union will come to their aid if attacked.

A damaged Kran warship attacks an ecoforming world on the edge of the Palean Union and begins to dismantle the base for repair material. First Scout Terrllss-rr, his soul filled with hate and bent on revenge, pursues his brother Dharaklin to Anar’on, the fabled world of the Wanderers, to get Teena back.

As Terr approaches the Wanderer world, he begins to doubt the wisdom of what he is about to do. He finds Teena safe, but Dhar is gone. She tries to convince him to forsake his revenge, but the only thing that will satisfy him is his brother’s spilled blood. Terr cannot forget how Dhar sabotaged his ship, causing it to crash in the Sierras where American forces hunted him down, seeking the secrets his ship contained.

Deep in the Saffal desert, Terr confronts Dhar, ready to unleash the lightnings that would destroy his brother. He realizes that using his power would mean forsaking Teena’s love. He stays his hand, leaving himself open to Dharaklin’s retaliation, which never comes. Both of them caught in an operation of high stakes politics run by Terr’s uncle on Captal, the Serrll Combine’s capital world, the two aliens manage to reconcile their differences, the experience leaving Terr questioning himself and his work as an assassin.

The Serrll Scout Fleet fails to destroy the damaged Kran warship and the pursuing Orieli ship finds itself in a meeting engagement. They must remove this threat before destruction is unleashed on other Serrll worlds. With the god of Death in his hands, Terr and his brother must face the Kran menace.

Through the Valley of Shadow where Terr reconciles with his brother Dharaklin and the god of Death.

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Latest Reviews

Review by The Avid Reader *****

Through the Valley of Shadow is a fast paced read that will pull you in from the beginning and keep you on the edge of your seat as you fly through space from one planet to another trying to keep up with all the action and the twists throughout the story, rooting for Terr and Teena from beginning to end. more

Review by Millennium Science Fiction & Fantasy

This is a powerful story that pulls you deep into its depths as Terr learns to accept what he is and what he has become, and the powers that work against him. more

Review by Serial Science Fiction Reviews

This is a very entertaining read. As with his previous novels in the series, Stefan Vucak has packed this work with plot twists that will keep you guessing and wanting more. more

Review by The Blue Iris Journal

‘Through the Valley of Shadow’ is a fast paced, emotionally satisfying and thought-provoking trek through a world where politics has become its own reason for existence and people are all too often cast into places they don’t want to be because of it. more

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