A Whisper from Shadow

Book 3 of Shadow Gods Saga

In old Mexico the gods were real, or so it was believed…and they left a terrible heritage.

Working on a remote dig, archaeologist Lauren Hopkins discovers an extraterrestrial craft buried in an ancient Comalcalco Mayan pyramid. Her career is made, but the knowledge throws Earth into social, religious and political turmoil. Instead of being a boon to mankind, opening new industries, the discovery triggers a global confrontation. A country that can seize and control the alien technology can control the world.

As a member of a UN scientific team studying the saucer, political differences set aside, Lauren is drawn into a romantic encounter from which she has no intention of extricating herself. Bill Faroway has filled something within her that has been empty for too long and she is relishing the experience.

The Serrll Combine, a conglomeration of 247 star systems split into two main factions: the Servatory and the Revisionist parties, embarrassed that one of their ancient scoutships somehow got mislaid, knows that it must act quickly to avert open warfare on Earth. After discovering the raider base that has been preying on Pizgor merchant shipping, the newly promoted First Scout Terrllss-rr, walking in the shadow of Death, on his first mission as a Diplomatic Branch agent, is sent to destroy the craft and avert a catastrophe on Earth. It should have been a simple assignment…

For Lauren, the aliens turn out to be much more than the Mayan gods of old.

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Latest Reviews

Review by Simon Brenncke *****

I wholeheartedly recommend this novel to anyone interested in sci-fi, and also to those interested in contemporary political thrillers who do not mind a sci-fi background to the story.

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Review by The Avid Reader *****

I would recommend A Whisper from Shadow to all fans of aliens, science fiction, and anyone who likes movies like Star Trek or the Orville.

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Review by Readers’ Favorite

This is an exciting read and the suspense builds to a crescendo. It is easy to recommend ‘A Whisper From Shadow’.

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