Towers of Darkness

Academic life was never meant to be like this!

A Wyoming mine worker discovers a human hand bone embedded in a forty million year-old coal seam.

Sent to recover the bone, Larry Krafter, a young anthropologist, also unearths a human skull. Instead of receiving acclaim and setting off a review of human evolution, entrenched establishment interests seek to discredit him and his find, using whatever means possible – including sending a hitman after him.

After several intimidating incidents designed to silence him, Krafter is framed for murder, which brings the FBI on the case. Dismayed by the viciousness of the attack against him, squeezed by the incredulous media, Krafter fights back with the aid of a hard-bitten expose writer. Taking on two of his bitterest academic enemies, he embarks on a series of talk shows to legitimize his find and expose his opponents as nothing more than spent men protecting outdated dogma.

The hitman gives him a simple message: declare his find a fraud or his girlfriend dies. The FBI take her into protective custody and the hitman makes a last effort to remove Krafter, wounding him in the attempt. The hunt is now on for the hitman and the organization running him.

Towers of Darkness, an explosive glimpse into the hidden world of academic infighting and the lengths to which the establishment will go to in order to preserve their position and reputations.

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Latest Reviews

Review by Bart Stewart *****

‘Towers of Darkness’ is well written all the way. No clichéd phrasing. No dull characters. The pace moves right along. more

Review by Nancy Curteman

‘Towers of Darkness’ is a novel that builds on a series of clues and ends in an exciting climax. It’s a riveting read. more

Review by Readers’ Favorite

The author very competently reveals the inner workings, the spats and feuds that are part of the dog-eat-dog world of academia. more

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