Writing Tips for Authors

Tips to Helping Authors Write!

How exactly does an author go about writing his or her a novel? Some will sit in front of the computer and start pounding away. Others will adopt a more methodical approach. Once that masterpiece is finished, how to get it published?

In a series of essays, Writing Tips for Authors answers questions on planning and writing a novel, selecting a publisher, and venturing into the self-publishing game. The book might help you avoid some of the traps that lie for the unwary!

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Latest Reviews

Reviewed by Fermosalua 4.7*****

Writing Tips for Authors is a great guide for book reviewers. The author seems to think we are “frustrated writers who never got to write anything, and hate writers who managed to produce something on principle.” But most of us are avid readers, who strive to provide constructive criticism and encourage authors and readers alike. However, sometimes we don’t know how to pinpoint what’s wrong with a certain book, especially if most of it seems outstanding.

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Review by Readers’ Favorite *****

‘Writing Tips for Authors’ by Stefan Vucak is an excellent guide on how authors can start writing a book and get published.

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