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This novel is dark and powerful, with suspense and intrigue the hallmarks of F/X-26. It will be a hit with any of the many Tom Clancy or Robert Ludlum fans.

One gets the impression the author has not only inside knowledge of the murky world of the arms trade and an intimate knowledge of military aircraft and weapons, but also how the finance and business side operates. The author’s easy description of military hardware is meticulous and completely believable. The lobbying of corrupt politicians in Washington is sadly only too convincing.

Kostan is a very believable character, single minded with boundless ambition, and a bit of a philanderer. That’s okay; all heroes need some flaws. I’d like to compliment the author regarding a sex scene. They are difficult to write and can easily degenerate into trashy porn. In this novel it works.

Obviously, not only is plot vitally important, but equally the dialogue, which in this novel is outstanding. My only criticism of Kostan is when he gulps a tumbler of single malt without savoring its flavor. A flippant criticism, that aside, he’s a very strong character.

The author Stefan Vučak has an excellent grasp of ‘the hook’. The hooks keep coming, guaranteeing the reader will keep turning the page. Even the final words are a hook,

 “We have a development. Two, actually…”

Well done Stefan Vučak, you deserve a legion of fans.

This novel is available on Amazon.

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