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Guardians of Shadow, Stefan Vucak, Author

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I’ll be honest; this was not an easy book to read because of two reasons. One, Guardians of Shadow is the eighth installment of the series. After finishing it, I was aware that I might not have been able to fully grasp the complex sci-fi tale that Stefan Vucak created. Two, I do have trouble with some of the characters’ names, even if I tried to pronounce them in my mind.

Even so, for a sci-fi fan like me, one who has read many sci-fi books, this was probably the one that appealed to me most. Reading Vucak’s sci-fi novel does take some effort, and it would probably be better if you read the previous books first. But don’t let me put you off reading this. If anything, Guardians of Shadow is still more than capable to be read as a standalone.

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