How to Develop a Sound Habit of Reading with Interest?

Reading with Interest

Reading with interest
A guest post by Ashlie Lopes

Reading is undoubtedly the best way not just to increase your knowledge, but it also helps you to escape from the grind of daily life by letting you immerse yourself into the world of the book you are reading. It opens new viewpoints to look at things around you. Just as home schooling is considered good for toddlers, reading is known to make an individual a better person, irrespective of the age group. Reading broadens a person’s vision and you begin to see things in multiple perspectives. Some people find it difficult to develop a reading habit. However, the following simple tips will help you become an avid reader, and will allow the benefits of reading unfold before you.

Setting up a Time Slot

When you want to make something your habit, start by allocating a time slot for it. Start by fixing 15 to 30 minutes for a reading session on a daily basis. At the beginning, follow it strictly to gradually develop it as part of your routine. This is a great way to develop a reading habit. You can increase the duration of a reading session at your convenience.

Start with Your Favorite Genre

To develop your interest in reading, it is recommended that you start by reading a book from your favorite genre, something that captivates your interest. Kicking off your reading routine with a book in your favorite genre will help you feel motivated to read more, which will lead to increasing the time you spend reading. Once you develop your reading habit, you will feel a need to explore books in other genres.

Make a List

Being organized always helps to develop any positive habit. Likewise, you should make a list of books that you want to read. Having a list will be convenient when you want to buy more books, and will help to keep your reading sessions flowing. Your time will not be wasted thinking about what you should read next.

Finding the Right Place

Your surroundings can have a major contribution to your reading habit. Sitting in a comfortable and quiet place, you will feel relaxed and enjoy reading better. Your mind will associate comfort and peace with your reading session, and thus, will make the experience more pleasurable. Make sure that at the beginning, your reading sessions are uninterrupted so that you can immerse yourself totally in the book. Once you master the art of engaging your imagination in a book, the reading place won’t matter anymore.

Reducing the Use of Gadgets

Some people may find it difficult to reduce the usage of social media sites. When scrolling through these feeds, we can spend hours doing it without realizing that we could have utilized that time more productively. When you reduce your time texting and browsing the Internet, you will be able to devote yourself to your reading session, and gradually, you will want to read more rather than spend your time using your phone.

Go to Used Book Shops

Used bookshops are a heaven for readers. At times, you might feel that you are spending too much on new books, and that could tempt you to relax your reading routine. Resist that by visiting a used books shop and pick up a book at a lower price. This should motivate you to keep reading. You can also sell your old books to them and get a discount for your purchases.

Reading with interest
Make Your Reading Time Pleasurable

Make your reading time more pleasurable by having your favorite snack or cup of coffee to enhance the experience. The more you enjoy reading, the more likely you are to make it a habit. Once you develop a reading habit, there is no turning back. You will look at your reading time as something productive and beneficial. Reading opens new worlds where you can explore characters and places. It boosts your imagination and satisfies the desire for something new.

I hope these steps will help to make you an avid reader!

Ashlie Lopez

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