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Immortal in Shadow, Stefan Vucak, Author

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When you open one of the books from Stefan Vucak’s ‘Shadow Gods’ series books, you know you are going on an exciting journey through an alternate star system. Immortal in Shadow is the 5th book in the series. Vucak wastes no time in grabbing the reader’s attention. The prologue sets the quick pace for the story. We discover Railee, Tanard and Winn as prisoners on their way to their incarceration on Cantor. Railee has joined forces with Tanard to become a raider. “He had given up his commission in the Fleet and sold his soul to prey on helpless merchants.” The prisoners had a plan to escape. When the time was right they used a survival blister and made their way to the surface of a planet. The plan was well thought out and executed. After his successful escape, Tanard begins working with the Paleans. Terr and Dhar’s mission is to find Tanard and the undisclosed rebel base. When Tanard’s base is discovered, he is once again on the run.

Stefan Vucak successfully combines science fiction, terrorism and romance. The romance between Terr and Teena is allowed to slowly simmer as Terr goes from infatuation to deep love. I found it fascinating to watch their relationship develop even if it seems ill fated. Vucak is a master of dialogue; he never allows it to sound stiff or false. His plots are sharp and intricate. He is meticulous in paying attention to detail, and while the words flow smoothly, they also have a quality of passion. Well done, Stefan.

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