Daniel Andrews - Clown

It will take the Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, and his government until Sunday, September 6, to come up with a plan how to exit out of the current COVID-19 restrictions! This means he had no exit strategy up to now. It proves his incompetence and the incompetence of his health minister, playing with people’s lives and the economy from day to day without any idea what he was doing.

On TV, Daniel Andrews said that he had to conduct extensive computer modelling that will tell him what to do. Really? He has forgotten the most vital element in all this – the human factor. He doesn’t need any computer modelling to tell him that he is destroying families and the Victorian economy.

The Victorian chief medical officer, a civil servant, has dictated to Daniel Andrews that Stage 4 restrictions cannot be lifted until the infection rate falls below 20 per day! A civil servant, who enjoys a huge salary, has no social/personal problems, is telling our elected representatives what to do, and Daniel Andrews meekly follows that ‘advice’, and continues to wreck people’s lives and Victoria.

I hope people will remember this and throw him and his corrupt party out office, come the next elections.

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