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Proportional Response- Stefan Vucak, author

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Political novels usually aren’t my thing, but a friend highly recommended Proportional Response to me, so I figured I’d at least give it a shot. Author Stefan Vucak wrote a novel that even I was able to follow along with and understand, and became so engrossed in that I couldn’t seem to put it down – well done!

This book was very well researched, which is extremely impressive. The main plot focuses a lot on what’s been going on with US and China in today’s time. I am not too familiar with the Chinese culture, so reading this one really helped me to understand better, and to see why the clashes are occurring between the American culture and the Chinese. There is still so much distrust between the two, which I wasn’t fully aware of. A global disaster could strike us, which is really what Vucak is trying to stress here.

Proportional Response is not a difficult read by any means. It’s written in such a way that pretty much anyone can understand. I am impressed, and can’t wait to read more of Vucak’s books.

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