Review of ‘Blood Justice’ by David Burton ****

Review of ‘Blood Justice’ by David Burton

Blood Justice

Justine Kroft died inside when her daughter is abducted, brutally violated and killed. Bent on revenge, she tracks down one of the killers and in the ensuing fight, her life is saved by Simone, a centuries-old vampire. Realizing she is physically not able to face her foes, Justine asks Simone to turn her into a vampire. After all, she is already dead inside, and giving up her life to exact justice is a small price to pay. Beset with misgivings about her decision and what this will mean for the man she loves if she survives, she begins her training and the hunt for the three remaining killers begins, including Sinakov, a powerful vampire who haunts Simone’s past. There is a final confrontation…and a tragic reunion.

With Blood Justice, David Burton takes the reader into a beautifully written powerful psychological drama of a woman torn between exacting revenge for her daughter and love of a mortal. His portrayal of vampires is a refreshing divergence from the stereotype image readers may be familiar with. Although vampires, they are still driven by their human desires and suffer the same emotional challenges of ordinary mortals. Simone is an intriguing character, which I feel should have been explored in greater depth, but Justine’s transition from mortal to vampire and acceptance of her new state was handled well. Blood Justice will thrill those familiar with the genre and will be a thoughtful introduction to those who simply want to sample blood.

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