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28th Amendment

‘Talk to me, XO,’ Captain Vasily Bandera growled, his steely eyes fixed on the radar masts of the Chinese Type 052D Luyang III guided-missile destroyer and its heavier Type 055 Renhai-class consort heaving themselves over the horizon, bearing down on him on a reciprocal course.”

With this start thrusting readers into the action on the South China Sea, the stage is set for the struggle between China and the United States. China President Zhou Yedong and U.S. President Samuel Walters are set firmly against each other.

‘According to White House statements, the 7th Fleet continues to exercise its right of free passage through these waters, daring China to do something about it. The Chinese president had done something about it by sending hundreds of armed trawlers, part of China’s Maritime Militia, to fish in Exclusive Economic Zones of all South China Sea countries in blatant disregard of numerous protests.’

Will this lead to war?

President Walters takes a stand on this, as well as introducing the 28th Constitutional Amendment to set Congressional term limits. With the proposed Amendment, elections for all of Congress will coincide with the four-year election of president. Rather than constant campaigning, the Congress will have to act for the benefit of the citizens.

Additionally, Walters urges the Supreme Court to reverse its 2010 decision to restrict the influence of Big Money and Super PACs in the nation’s political process and to stop kickbacks overseas he wanted the Justice Department to unbendingly implement the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Will the secretive Omicron Group succeed in the assassination of this president who is challenging their comfortable status quo?

This novel brings readers into the underbelly of corporate and political greed, international economic and military conflicts, and assassins, keeping them intrigued along the way to the satisfying conclusion.

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Angie Mangino

Angie Mangino, a former investigative reporter for the Staten Island Register weekly newspaper, is a freelance journalist who has been providing quality service to editors since 1995.

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She is the author of 17th Century Tottenville History Comes Alive, the first in a series on the history of Tottenville.

Having lived in Tottenville since 1978, the Council on the Arts & Humanities Staten Island awarded a grant to her in 1999 to research the history of Tottenville to conduct an interactive workshop in the community. In 2000 the New York Public Library sponsored another workshop at the Tottenville Branch, and in 2002 the N.Y. State Assembly named her a Staten Island Woman in History. She was interviewed on the 50 Plus show at the local Community TV station and included in Gabe Pressman’s report on Tottenville on WNBC.

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