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Fulfillment is a collection of science fiction stories by Stefan Vucak. There are eleven tales in all, ranging from adventures in deep space and on strange planets to spooky yarns of the ‘Twilight Zone’ variety with unexpected twists. Vucak states in his introduction that the stories were written over a long period of time and represent his evolution as a writer. However, it is difficult to spot any variance in style or quality as the stories are uniformly excellent and represent a first-class introduction to Stefan Vucak’s work.

They start with the title story, Fulfillment, where the male of the species gives up his life and disappears into the ether after copulation. This sets the tone for some edgy yarns involving advanced species playing God on a developing planet, ladies who draw energy from their lovers and who, as a result, slide into a sort of happy oblivion, and a man who finds an enchanted cave, wishes for world peace, and gets an extraordinary surprise. In between, we have a variety of tales including two stories featuring starship commander Zor-Lee – a strangely appealing, single-minded soldier with few, if any, scruples or morals – and lastly we have a fine tale called Interim, a true science fiction classic which I am not going to spoil by describing the plot.

I am a long-standing science fiction fan and grew up on a diet of Arthur C. Clarke, Patrick Moore, Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov, to name a few. I had not come across Stefan Vucak until Fulfillment caught my eye and I am delighted to have made the discovery. Stefan is an accomplished author, technically adept, and a consummate storyteller. His tales transport you to the farthest reaches of the universe or the darkest corners of the mind in a direct, uncomplicated style. I will certainly be reading more from this author, and if you are a fan of the science fiction genre, I would recommend Fulfillment, a first-class collection of tales for the most discerning of aficionados.

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