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NIGHT SIRENS by Stefan Vučak is a thriller with paranormal-coded elements, and yet it was different from my expectations. There wasn’t as much action as I thought there would be. Instead, it had a slower pace and focused in great detail on the characters’ lives, their thoughts and the schemes that characterize the main conflict between feeders (humans with particular genes that make them “energy vampires”) and the organization that seeks to be rid of rogues.

Despite the read being different from my expectations, I enjoyed the author’s approach to the storytelling. The multiple POVs allowed the reader insight in all the factions of the conflict, with ample space to the backstories of the various organizations, the political ramifications of the conflict and—perhaps what I enjoyed most—the characters’ histories. I had the feeling of having a great grasp of who these characters were, where they were coming from, and their motivations. As a reader who mostly consumes romance, I also enjoyed the subtle romantic arc between Frank and Nadala, who are seemingly on opposite sides and, instead, had much in common. Would have loved to see them interacting even more.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable read, with enough intrigue to keep the reader hooked despite the slower pace. I do believe the story would have benefited from a little more action—perhaps diving deeper into Frank’s activity as a Keeper or with more tension in the final part of the story.

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