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28th Amendment

Imagine if you will, a president with integrity and enough loyalty to the constitution to make the bold moves described in this political novel. The end of politicians accepting foreign political bribes and setting term limits to stop the corruption in the American political system. The thought of going to war with China is a nightmare to most Americans. The author’s powerful use of description makes this terrifying scenario come to life on the page.

If this were happening in real life then this president would be facing the danger of being assassinated. Especially if he were going to add term limits, the ultimate fear of corrupt lifelong politicians like the ones that hold office today.

In many ways, this novel reminds me of The Parallax View and The Sum of All Fears. I don’t think the Omicron Group exists in real life but I’m sure something like it actually does.

Could America actually become a republic again? Term limits to keep politicians honest? A president standing up to foreign dictators?

If only.

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David Kempf
He has written over fifty short stories, many with themes of horror fiction. He has won several writing awards including first place in Millersville University’s Lemuria magazine’s short story competition. Two of his short stories were selected for the 2007 publication of The Grackle. He is a frequent contributor to the British website He has written two children’s books Tell Me More About Earth & The Wisdom Tree. The Wisdom Tree he wrote with his son Andrew to help families understand the issues associated with addiction.

In 2014 he wrote The Horror of It All, featuring interviews with prominent figures in the horror community. All the proceeds from that book went to help those suffering from ALS. He is currently the author of five novels: Dark Fiction, The Petsorcist, Damned Fiction, They Laughed at Me, and Travel Bug.

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