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Guardians of Shadow, Stefan Vucak, Author

Guardians of Shadow, Stefan Vucak, Author

Australian author Stefan Vucak has been honored for his 8 techno sci-fi novels. His total published books at present stands at thirteen! His career in Information Technology has served him well, not only for the way he is able to dissect and recreate novels on controversial subjects and make them seem like real reportage, but he shares his abilities in his book Writing Tips for Authors. For those who become captivated by his skill in telling stories that rivet the reader, try reading his ’Tips book and gain some insight into his achievements. Techno Sci-Fi may seem his forte, but he has equal success in his political thrillers: Cry of Eagles won the coveted 2011 Readers Favorite silver medal award, All the Evils was the 2013 prestigious Eric Hoffer contest finalist and Readers’ Favorite silver medal winner, and Strike for Honor won the Readers’ Favorite gold medal also in 2013. He lives in Melbourne, Australia. His very poplar sci-fi Shadow Gods Saga is now up to Book 8, and for those fortunate enough to have read the first seven volumes, this book will have more impact. But in his gracious manner, Stefan provides his own summary, which helps update those new to this saga.

Words from the author about his Guardians of Shadow:

Having destroyed the Kran invader at Devon 3-VL4 using the hand of Death, Master Scout Terrllss-rr is faced with a terrible truth about his power. With his loved one Teena, accompanied by his Wanderer brother Dharaklin, they head for Orieli space to begin a cultural exchange mission. At the edge of the Moanar Nebula, Teena is taken in a devastating Celi-Kran attack that decimates three Orieli outposts, but Terr is saved by the intervention of the Fernai. Determined to rescue her, Terr must confront an implacable enemy, but will the Orieli help? A warship is sent deep into Kran space where Terr is reunited with Teena. The Krans attack the Serrll Combine and Anar’on, the fabled world of the Wanderers. In retaliation, the Wanderers seek to wipe out this alien blight. Wielding the hand of Death, Terr is prepared for a final confrontation, having to face his uncertainties.

The brief synopsis of this explosive continuation of the Shadow Gods Saga fails to reveal the mystery and magic in Stefan’s handling of character development. His graceful writing skills allow whim to make facts flow comfortably in conversation—a quality that assures the reader that the pages will not be confined to the obvious excellent research he has done in preparation for the novel, but that we will be living in the unfolding of his thriller with the insight of the various three-dimensional characters. Stefan’s polished prose intensifies this very strange story and encourages the reader to invest in the previous seven volumes. Guardians of Shadow assures that he has another success to add to his growing stature.

Grady Harp, June 27.

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