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Night Sirens is a contemporary story filled with romance and psychological elements. It all begins with Frank Hram, an assassin and a Covenant keeper, who kills rogue feeders. They kill people by sucking life energy from them, which makes the suddenly old. The Covenant, a centuries-old organization created to protect feeders, works to stop the public from finding out about the existence of energy-feeder vampires, which would set off public panic and witch hunts.

When Detective Nadala is seconded to a federal task force to hunt down rogue feeders, things become complicated as Frank and Nadala connect emotionally and professionally. Frank has to do everything he can to prevent the exposure of feeders, and his heart is now intertwined with Nadala.

Nadala’s personality and character are created as very strong-willed, but not as familiar with the world she has entered as is Frank.

I recommend Night Sirens to those who enjoy unusual storylines, and police force procedures.

Reviewed by Jeyran Main, Editor-in-Chief
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