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F/X-26 is a military thriller story about Koston, a retired Air Force test pilot who owns a company that builds luxury jets for the rich. He creates a testbed for the F/X-26 and is determined to have it approved by the Pentagon and his submission to Congress. However, things don’t exactly happen as planned since the whole secret is threatened to be exposed by one of his directors. If that isn’t enough, the campaign itself is ordered to be destroyed, and so, the novel displays a desperate attempt – at all costs- for Koston to succeed, battling anything and everything that comes his way.

I truly admired Koston’s ambition and drive. No matter what extent he went to get his way or how bad he was willing to be, it was still admirable. The character was exceptionally created and was entertaining to the point where I wanted him to succeed.

The literature was written very well, and I found enjoyment in reading the book. The pace was steady but did not sway from the premise of the story. It felt like the author was in his element and knew what he was writing about.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes to read a good thriller.

Jeyran Main

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