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A clash between US and Chinese destroyers near the Spratly Islands prompts President Samuel Walters to launch an attack against Fiery Cross Reef, occupied by China as part of its nine-dash line claim over the South China Sea.

So starts this stunning novel by master fiction author Stefan Vučak. Set in contemporary times it’s a frighteningly realistic and sobering thought-provoking novel of what may well happen.

The 28th Amendment is the second novel by this author I have read. After discovering F/X-26 also a novel by Mr Vučak, I was delighted to read another offering.

The 28th Amendment is topical and relevant with a militant communist China posing a threat. As an Australian It made me smile when there is a reference to the Chinese government banning Australian coal. How relevant is that!

It’s clear a lot of research has gone into the novel with some excellent descriptions of military hardware, such as the Chinese type 052D Luyang guided missile destroyer and the type 055 Renhai class consort.

Interestingly the story also points out the Chinese view of the world. They have 1.4 billion people to feed so such things as fishing rights are understandably very important,

As with any political thrillers we have graft, corruption, and intrigue. Sadly, that’s only too relevant.

Anyone who reads novels by Tom Clancy or Robert Ludlum will enjoy the 28th Amendment. I have no hesitation in giving this outstanding novel a five-star review.

This book is available on Amazon.

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I am a Western Australian author born in Perth and living most of my life there. Like so many authors, my background is littered with various careers: taxi driver, musician, roof tiler, shoe salesman, and others when young. Being an avid reader prompted my desire to put pen to paper. I have three self-published novels, the first, ‘Oh, How We Rocked’, my musical memoir published 2021. This sold quite well in local Perth and Fremantle bookshops, as well as internationally on on-line outlets. My ‘Spencer Marlowe’ adventure stories, ‘The Singapore Saga’ and ‘The Hawaiian Intervention’, published in 2021, have sold in twelve countries and received excellent reviews. I have a fan base for my Marlowe series, encouraging me to write sequels. The next novel in the series, ‘The Manhattan Sting’, will be published early 2024. My latest story, ‘Birthright’, a crime novel, is a change of direction and draws on my experience as a Perth taxi driver in the 1990’s.

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