Review by Leonard W. Smuts *****

28th Amendment

The escalating tension between the superpowers provides an ideal background to this gripping novel of international intrigue, the thirst for domination and global influence, as well as internal corruption within the USA. In 28th Amendment, Stefan Vučak paints a vivid picture of the buildup to a confrontation between America and China, with the inevitable aftermath – a standoff involving high-tech weapons, destruction, and political posturing. Apart from human drama, a central character is a new sixth-generation stealth fighter, the F-26. The American aviation industry resented this newcomer that took funding away from established and less effective projects, but provided a counter to growing Chinese aggression. In a parallel development, the President proposes the 28th Amendment – a radical Constitutional reform of the American electoral process, which would nullify some of the funding abuses of the past. That reform did not sit well with either the military establishment or the entrenched corporate monopolies that thrived on lucrative defense contracts. The President becomes a target for assassination, along with anybody else who stood in their way. The assassination attempt fails and the assassin herself becomes the hunted, along with the conspirators. In the meantime, the world is poised for a clash of the titans. In the final analysis, it comes down to who will blink first in this high-stakes game.

Stefan Vučak uses his extensive knowledge of both the military and information technology to describe the action, which unfolds in a dramatic fashion. The naval and aerial engagements are portrayed in all their harsh realities, with the latest technology deployed. In this tale, Chinese aggression – both economic and military – forces America to act. The political background is skillfully described, along with the economic and military implications of the struggle for global influence. The intelligence agencies and their often sinister methodology are examined, together with the infighting, rivalry, and internal squabbles. The psyche and motivation of the assassin are put under the microscope, as well as the cynical disregard for the law shown by the armaments industry. It seems that war is good business – if the right contracts come your way. The novel 28th Amendment provides an in-depth look into a hypothetical, yet highly plausible scenario. The dialogue between the American and Chinese presidents is particularly interesting and insightful. This is an outstanding book from an acclaimed author, who demonstrates a high level of insight into the darker side of politics, corruption, the military, and the Chinese quest for world domination. It is an enthralling and entertaining read and highly recommended.

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