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Autumn Leaves - FI

Stefan Vucak’s writing style reveals the surreal reality of the power of the pen. As I began reading Autumn Leaves, I remember feeling like a little girl whose father was walking with her while holding her hand as she kept asking him, “Daddy where are we going?” “Patience my daughter, we are going on a journey called life.”

Autumn Leaves is a priceless work of art. It promises to take you deep into places of the human soul, especially our heartfelt desires and fears. As a reader of this story, I can say I was there, because Stefan Vucak presented it so well that it became a part of my existence. Though he already has his main character, I felt like I was the main character because his experiences revealed our universal vulnerability as we seek to live in perfect bliss.

Stefan Vucak has offered to the world another masterfully well written book that honors your attention while you are superbly entertained.

About Linda Diane Wattley

Linda D. Wattley

Linda Diane Wattley is a veteran of the United States Army. She is an advocate for sufferers of PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and for those who have suffered from all forms of victimization to include domestic violence and sexual abuse. Her message is all about getting to the best truths that allows victims to be set free. Linda accomplishes this by sharing her gifts and talents that God gave her. One being an author of several books that lead readers to go deep within themselves to find their own inner strength and voice.

Linda was also a contributing columnist, “THE BEST WILL SHOW THEMSELVES” for over twelve years where she shared truths that stirred hearts and minds of readers in spiritual matters. Today, she has opened a platform for others to share their truths with the world. Her online television show, THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE by TLBTV and the Liberty Beacon Project has proven to be a powerful beacon of light.

“PTSD to Freedom – No More War Within” is written by her and William Sumner. As veterans understanding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, they joined together to create this amazing tool to get those suffering with PTSD a unique opportunity to have complete reign over this daily reality.

Her current book, “A LOVE STORY TO REMEMBER’ is a uniquely written book sharing the journey to love after a dysfunctional past. It shows how men love and have their own spiritual understanding of life. Understanding someone with PTSD in relationships brings out the best in you in unseeingly ways. This love story will have you wondering who the man God has chosen for the main character, Leona Tillard. Will you choose him after reading her story?

Linda is available for speaking engagements, book signings and interviews. She lives to do God’s Will.

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