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Autumn Leaves - FI

Autumn Leaves is a work of interpersonal drama and speculative fiction and was penned by author Stefan Vucak. The action centers around protagonist Dr. Dural Sinclair, whose seemingly perfect life is about to be interrupted at every turn by tragedy. A traumatic death in the family leaves him in a fraught relationship with his wife, and a random lightning strike leaves Sinclair with a more attuned sense to the bioelectromagnetic fields of people around him. Sensing these auras in others may help with his patients, but it only intensifies his sadness at home. So, when the promise of new love and new life arrives on the horizon, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether this will lead to true happiness or yet more tragedy in the life of a very unlucky man indeed.

Stefan Vucak has crafted a sweeping tragi-drama that has all the hallmarks and callbacks to the classic gothic tragedies of days gone by, like those of Daphne DuMaurier and Emily Bronte. Written from a male perspective, we are allowed a deep narrative look at the doctor’s psyche as he tries to make his life work out right, only to be sadly reminded that life does with you as it wishes. What results is an emotionally intelligent narrative that balances its surreal speculative element well with the reality of the human condition, delivering a personal journey that is sure to suck readers in from cover to cover. Overall, Autumn Leaves is a recommended read for fans of drama that promises a truly emotional ride.

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