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All my Sunsets

All My Sunsets by Stefan Vučak is a great read for fans of science fiction. Andrew Payne is dying, a rare form of melanoma eating him from inside. What is most painful is that he is just twenty-five and it feels like his entire life is being thrown away — the sun, the surf, and the women. A reality games designer, he is watching himself wither through each passing moment. But there is a glimmer of hope. An experimental drug might help, so when he takes his chance on the drug, he gets cured. But the drug has terrible effects as well: his biological clock is reset and he finds himself in year one with the possibility of 100 years to live. How will he write his future this time?

The story introduces Andrew Payne at a tragic moment in his life. The author plunges the reader into his psyche and I loved the use of the stream of consciousness in exploring the turmoil in Andrew’s mind. Things change when a new drug works on him, but it introduces another complex issue: the possibility of a long life and the chance to make things right. The characters are real and well-developed and I enjoyed how the author handles the conflict. All My Sunsets is the story of a man who sets out to recreate his future, and while this is fiction, it also contains an inspirational message that asks two questions. What would you do if you knew you had only a few weeks to live? What would you do if you suddenly discovered that there is a reset button you can use to start afresh? The novel is cleverly plotted, beautifully written, and entertaining.

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