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F/X-26 is a fast-paced thriller written by Stefan Vučak. Ogdan Kostan is a former advanced fighter test pilot for the United States Air Force and an utterly ruthless businessman. Being a founder and CEO of Rebus Aviation, Kostan never hesitates to employ extreme measures to get his way and uses his chief of security – a man named Lockyard – to eliminate anyone who threatens his company. After a successful foray into selling private jets and a failed marriage, Kostan puts all of his efforts into developing an advanced 6th Generation unmanned fighter jet called F/X-26 Wasp for the military. But he soon finds that building the Wasp was easier than getting it approved by the Pentagon. He must now use every ounce of his cunning to maneuver Washington lobbyists before his audacious gamble brings the company down.

Filled with suspense and intrigue, F/X-26 takes you through the ruthless world of weapons manufacturing companies and gives you a front-row view of how corporate lobbying influences policy-making decisions in Washington. The characters seem morally grey, and it makes them all the more compelling. Kostan is a single-minded individual whose limitless ambition and devotion to his company drive his every action. I found the dialogue to be crisp and apposite. Author Stefan Vučak uses multiple POVs to create an engaging and immersive narrative. The plotting is intricate with a few twists and turns along the way. F/X-26 hooked me from the beginning, and I was engrossed throughout the pages. I highly recommend it to readers who love thrillers.


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