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Against the Gods of Shadow, Stefan Vucak, Author

The Avid Reader

Second Scout Terrllss-rr is assigned to find and destroy the raider’s base. The raiders have been attacking Pizgor’s commercial shipping. Terr and his crew learn the whereabouts of the raiders and make plans to lie in wait by pretending their ship has broken down and is in need of repairs, hoping to draw out the raiders, with their precious cargo that the raiders are in dire need of. Terr, his ship and his crew suffer badly from the battle with the raiders.

Will Terr and his crew come out of the battle safely? Will they accomplish what they were sent there to do? Will they find the raider camp? To find the answers to these questions and more, pick up a copy of Against the Gods of Shadow today!

Against the Gods of Shadow is fast read that will grab your attention from the beginning and will have you flipping the pages faster and faster to see how it is going to play out. It is nonstop action from beginning to end, with never a dull moment in between.

My favorite part is during the battle and getting all the in-depth information when they were firing on the raiders. I could see it in my head like a movie. It was like watching an episode of the Orville or Killjoys. I would very much like to see Against the Gods of Shadow on the big screen.

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