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Guardians of Shadow, Stefan Vucak, Author

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Terr, Teena and Dhar are on a cultural exchange mission when they are attacked by the Kran. Teena is kidnapped by them and taken aboard their ship. Terr knows who took Teena, but has no idea where she is.

Once again, Terr finds himself separated from the love of his life, but he has every intention of finding her and bringing her home. After he finds her, he plans never to let her out of his sight again.

When the Kran attacked, they destroyed several outposts guarding Orieli airspace. The Orieli have what it takes to destroy the Kran, but are reluctant to start an all-out war.

When the Krans attack the Wanderer home world Anar’on, the Wanderers decide to join forces with the Orieli to attack the Krans and wipe them out, hopefully putting a stop to the Krans taking over the galaxy.

Guardians of Shadow is the last of the Shadow Gods Saga and I am sad to see the last of Terr, Teena and Dhar. Guardians of Shadow is a very intense and engrossing read with action from the first page to the last.

Guardians of Shadow like its predecessors remind me so much of the movie Star Trek and I would like very much to see the Shadow Gods on the big screen.

I recommend Guardians of Shadow to all fans of science fiction and aliens.

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