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Social political drama

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The world as we know it is slowly changing and so are the people around us. Humans are slowly dying out and becoming extinct, and lifeliners are being born every day and becoming the majority. Lifeliners are humans who need a little something more than other people. Lifeliners need more than food to survive; they need energy from humans.

Lifeliners hide from the world, or they try to. They try to keep anyone from finding out that they are lifeliners. If they are discovered as being a lifeliner, they are taken away to be sterilized and experimented on.

Nash has been living under the radar for a long time. He works and pays bills just like any person. He is a good man who never hurts anyone and tries to stay out of everyone’s way until the day he meets Cariana whom he starts to have feelings for. She is human and makes it very clear to Nash that she doesn’t like lifeliners. Nash wants to be honest with her, but is afraid that he will lose her if he reveals who he is.

Nash meets another lifeliner, a little girl, Aleya. Aleya ran away from home and has been living on the streets. He wants to help Aleya by teaching her how to stay safe and hidden from the dobers – the police. He takes Aleya under his wing after she starts to trust him.

The plot for Lifeliners is brilliant and the world building is just so out of this world and filled with awesomeness. Once I picked up Lifeliners it was so hard to put down. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to reach the end and find out how it all played out. I enjoyed seeing how each character’s story fit together. The Lifeliners world is filled with action, suspense, and intrigue as well as a little romance.

Lifeliners is a novel for all fans of science fiction and brand new futuristic worlds. I recommend the book to everyone.

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