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All the Evils, Stefan Vucak, Author

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When you read a Stefan Vucak thriller, there are several certainties to remember. You will be surprised. You will be shocked. You will be shaken. You will see fragments of the world entirely different from the way you viewed them in the past. What you thought was true may be a lie. And you wonder: Are there any truths still sacred?

Such is the power and the enormity that overwhelms the story that lurks within Stefan Vucak’s All the Evils. In a publishing world where the same old plots are hashed and re-hashed and re-written time and again, Vucak has delivered a storyline that is new and fresh – but one that makes you question everything you ever heard a preacher say about religion and forces you to explore the depth of your own faith. Father Garbaldi serves as a researcher in the Vatican’s Secret Archives. His work is long and laborious amidst the cobwebs of the past. He is a caretaker of antiquity but little else. Once he uncovers a first century papyrus of the gospels, however, his life changes abruptly and may never be the same again.

As Vucak eloquently writes: “Staggered, Garbaldi felt his whole body turn to stone as the enormity of the text’s meaning sank in. Jesus was John’s disciple and John was the anointed one, the Messiah! He might doubt the Church and its practices, past and present, but he believed in Jesus the Lord. The essence of the gospels had to be true. Shaken, head spinning, he groped for the chair and sat down heavily. Everything he was taught, everything he believed in, might all be fabrication and a lie. But didn’t he suspect that all along? Weary, disillusioned, he buried his face between his hands as the comfortable, predictable world he knew crumbled around him. His breath came in ragged gulps and his stomach knotted. After a while, he slowly lifted his head and gazed at the small wooden crucifix fixed to the wall above the desk. St. Matthew’s words burned bright in his mind: Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachtani: My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

What answer does the Church have for Garbaldi? It’s simple. The Vatican sends an assassination team to eliminate him. Garbaldi’s discovery will threaten the very foundation and existence of the church and must never see the light of day. If true, it will condemn them, as well as their message. All the Evils is a compelling novel that leads readers through two thousand years of lies, deceit, cover-ups, investigations, wars, and secrecy.

What’s real? What isn’t? Is the first century manuscript authentic? Or does it simply contain the ranting of a madman? Will the veracity of Christianity be forged in the Bible or by a bullet? What is truth? And can Garbaldi track it down in time? Or will he die first? And will his death be in vain? There is not a thriller quite like Stefan Vucak’s All the Evils found anywhere in the marketplace today. Read more reviews by Caleb Pirtle. You can find Caleb’s books at Amazon. Caleb Pirtle III

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