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Proportional Response- Stefan Vucak, author

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First, I have to admit I don’t usually read political novels so if my review sounds like someone who isn’t familiar with the genre at large that is why. In the past I have shied away from political novels because I find their characters flat and one dimensional – it’s all about the plot and the characters don’t really get much attention. I read a lot, but I prefer character driven fiction. In fact I thrive on character driven fiction.

While I will say that the characters in this book are overshadowed by a much larger plot – they aren’t the typical flat characters I’m accustomed to finding in political fiction. I understand with some plots – like someone trying to cause a natural disaster (seriously folks) that some character development will be overlooked.

In most political novels this means leaving the book without really knowing the characters- the good guys or the bad ones. With Proportional Response, I left feeling like I knew all of the main characters well enough to feel satisfied with the book.

I will definitely be reading more from this author.

Celine Crow

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