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Proportional Response- Stefan Vucak, author

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Australian author Stefan Vucak has been honored for techno sci-fi novels of which there are eight in publication. His career in Information Technology has served him well, not only for the way he is able to dissect and recreate novels on controversial subjects and make them seem like real reportage, but he shares his abilities in his book WRITING TIPS FOR AUTHORS. For those who become captivated by his skill in telling stories that rivet the reader, try reading his TIPS book and gain some insight as to his constant successes. Techno Sci-Fi may seem his forte, but he has equal success in his political thrillers: CRY OF EAGLES won the coveted 2011 Readers Favorite silver medal award, ALL THE EVILS was the 2013 prestigious Eric Hoffer contest finalist and Readers’ Favorite silver medal winner, and STRIKE FOR HONOR won the Readers’ Favorite gold medal. PROPORTIONAL RESPONSE is a political drama/thriller and will likely be another award winner.

In an interview about his current novel, Stefan stated, ‘I have just finished a political drama/thriller novel Proportional Response. The Chinese populist faction, the Tuanpai, plan to trigger a global disaster that will devastate America. In the aftermath, the FBI identifies China as the culprit, but don’t know if this was a rogue operation or a government plot. Fearful of American retaliation, China invites U.S. investigators to find that proof. Under a cloud of mutual suspicion, America readies itself for a military confrontation.’ And this very brief synopsis distills the energy that Stefan creates in the `this really could happen today’ story. His graceful writing skills allow him to make facts flow comfortably in conversation – a quality that assures the reader that the pages will not be confined to the obvious excellent research he has done in preparation for the novel, but that we will be living the unfolding of his thriller with the insight of the various three dimensional characters.

An early example of this skill is evident in the behind the scenes conversation of the Chinese/American pact between the westernized Zhou Yedong and the American President Samuel Walters: those in disagreement with the détente they have just heard state: “America is floundering and the venerated dollar isn’t the world’s powerhouse anymore. With our bond holdings we were in a position to dictate terms to the financial markets. Instead, Zhou has caved in to imperialist demands who now dare instruct us how we should run our country after the mess they made of their own, which incidentally plunged us into the Global Financial Crisis. Such gall. It’s intolerable, I tell you.” Chen ruefully shook his head. “Ah, the pitfalls of free enterprise. Until we can project power with a navy capable of facing the Americans, all we have are our diplomatic and economic weapons.”

Stefan’s polished prose intensifies his very conceivable story. convincing the reader that the novel in their hands is possibly predictive assures that he has another success to add to his growing stature.

Grady Harp

Grady Harp

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